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Auto Kindle eBook Converter

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  • Type: Software

  • Version: 0.4.50

  • Price: Free

  • Operating system: Windows Vista, Windows XP.

  • Supported input formats: CHM, PDB, HTML, LIT, PDF.

  • Supported output formats: MOBI.


A simple piece of software to convert PDF, Lit, and HTML files to Kindle-friendly MOBI document.

User reviews (1)

Topic: "auto-kindle-ebook-converter"
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Xavier says...
Folks, never even try to install Auto Kindle Ebook Converter. Just read what people say in comments about it on CNET http://download.cnet.com/Auto-Kindle-eBook-Converter/3000-10743_4-10907625.html. The software is an utter ***** and masterpiece of screwing up your computer. I\'ve had a displeasure of using this file for a while and the ebooks were missing whole pages of content, not to mention a total lack of text formatting.
4th June 2012 6:03am
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