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  • Type: Online application.

  • Price: Free.

This website allows you to convert PDF files that are less than 30MB to the EPUB format. You can save the converted files immediately or send it to your email.

The application can't process tables and vector images.

How to use this application? Select your ebook or write the URL where the file is located. Then, choose if you want to save the converted ebook in your computer or send it to your email.

  • Supported input formats: PDF.

  • Supported output formats: EPUB.

David P. Holmes says...
I want to convert a novel from a pdf so it can be viewed on an e-reader. Will this application allow me to do that?
25th September 2013 12:50pm
Justfreebooks says...
Sorry Epub2go.com is closed. I will erase this page in some days. Which e-reader do you have? If it is a Nook or a Kobo, try http://www.2epub.com/. If you have a Kindle, the best option is just read the ebook in the original formal, PDF. Sometimes you can get a better reading experience crooping the white space in the margin as well as page numbers and any text in the header and footer. To crop use this software: http://sourceforge.net/projects/briss/
25th September 2013 4:39pm
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